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As opposed to a car being parked by its driver, a valet attendant relieves the driver of this responsibility by parking the car. This saves the driver time and frustration, especially in locations that parking is hard to find. The valet service must be insured so to cover any possible property damage that might be caused by an unlikely event. As a result, the experience of valet attendants is crucial, as it reduces the chance of a property getting damaged. In addition, it is a custom that valet attendants greet the occupants of the vehicle, both when parking and returning the vehicle. This courtesy not only reflects on the level of customer service provided by the valet company, it also demonstrates a high level of class for the business which contracted the valet service, in example hotel, restaurants, etc. Valet service allows for an unconventional parking style, which enables more vehicles to be parked in a given space, improving traffic flow and business and efficiency.

This service is also crucial in the greater Los Angeles area, where parking is becoming less available every day. Due to the congestion in these areas, many restaurants, clubs, hotels, and even hospitals cannot survive without valet service. The fact that many vehicles get damaged when parked in public locations makes the private valet service even more attractive to people who drive luxury vehicles. As a result, almost all parking in Downtown Los Angeles, Hollywood, West Los Angeles, and the San Fernando Valley has become a valet service based parking. In the past, valet service was considered as a luxury only; however, as the population of Los Angeles grew with it grew the number of vehicles. This over crowding soon became an issue as city planners had not anticipated such a large number of vehicles, and as a result the luxury of valet service soon became into what today is viewed as a necessity for survival. Many of the patrons of the businesses of these area are custom to this service, not only expecting it, but also expecting a high level of customer service. However, this service is not just a solution for congested parking, as in the past it is considered a luxury in certain cases. Orange County is well known for being an none-congested environment, however many businesses employ valet services to help them attract business and to increase customer satisfaction.

This service is not limited for businesses, as many private events such as weddings and cultural gatherings also employ valet services for their guests. Other examples of these type of events are, corporate events, promotional events, bar and bat mitzvahs. In these cases, a host can insure that all guests can find parking.