We will distribute and market your music with no costs to you.

Pow-wowJamz, LLC is dedicated to changing the way the Native entertainment industry works. We are 100% Native owned and operated and uphold an impeccable customer service record.

Most distributors make money by charging artists and groups numerous set up and maintenance fees; therefore, they don’t care about your development as an artist or group because they make money even if you don’t. Or THEY want to OWN all the RIGHTS to YOUR MUSIC! With Pow-wowJamz, LLC, ARTISTS KEEP ALL THE RIGHTS TO THEIR MUSIC!

We want to be more than just your distributor. We want to be your partner. We collect no upfront payment and we have a vested interest in your success. Not only will we distribute your music, but we will help you market it so we can grow together. We have thousands of fans we are in daily contact with, so your fan base will grow!

We only make money if you make money!

Here are the Artists we currently have in our Store:

Midnite Express, Stoney Creek, North Bear, War Thunder, Wind Eagle, Little Island Cree, Eya-Hey Nakoda, Great Lakes Alliance, Keramy Funmaker, Night Shield, Chase Manhattan, Maniac, Day Walkers, Shawn Michael Perry, and Jim Ruel