PPHC Compass is a Publishing business, publishing various blog articles, publications, video/live video streams, and print and electronic print literature such as books and audio books. In order to add diversity and uniqueness to PPHC Compass and its brand some of the services and/or future services, provided by PPHC Compass, to customers or patrons may include building author platform websites, providing print and electronic literature publishing services for authors and their books, selling various types of merchandise to build and spread brand awareness, and in general the manner in which services are to be provided will be adhered to and aligned with its name. PPHC Compass means Principle, Purpose, Honor, and Country and thus can also mean, in addition to but not limiting, a way of conducting business, a way of holding one’s self to a set of standards, values, and ethics.

PPHC Compass is not just about publishing, it's also about society, culture, the American way of life, principles, values, learning, and education. That is why we promote and advertise our merchandise. When people see the PPHC Compass Trademark they will think those things.