A few quick facts about PPP Recovery:

*PPP Recovery wants to PARTNER with you to help us save the lives of more than 18 veterans a day who commit suicide!

*PPP Recovery is a flagship program of Patriot Outreach (www.patriotoutreach.org) which assists veterans, active servicemen and women, and first responders in achieving “Victory Over Stress” through the revolutionary CD “Coping Strategies”, horse therapy, and other vital programs which brings help, hope and healing to patriots the world over

*PPP Recovery utilizes a unique strategy in helping our patriots overcome issues related to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and stress wherein they receive the therapeutic benefits of working with equines while training those equines in air scent detection to find missing persons across the country

*PPP Recovery will lead the way in rescuing horses and dogs who are slaughtered by the thousands in our country each and every year by using them for amputee rehabilitation, as certified therapy dogs for our patriots, and utilizing the latest cutting edge techniques in canine and hippotherapy to bring emotional and physical healing to our patriots

*PPP-Recovery is dedicated to helping the lost come home

    Patriots serve our nation as warriors, police, firefighters, emergency medical personnel, battlefield contractors, and their families.  The suicide rates among these heroes are escalating at an unbearable rate.  18 veterans commit suicide every day.  More police are lost to suicide than are killed by the criminals they protect us from.  
    Domestic violence, child abuse and family member suicides are rising at rates we are still trying to measure.  2,500 children are reported missing every day.  Homelessness is eroding society.
    We are focused on Ponies, Patriots and People in our Recovery efforts.  For us, equine include thousands of horses that can be saved for use in therapy and companionship with patriots suffering stress disorders including P.T.S.D.  
    Rescuing equine offers family members the opportunity to share with their patriots in therapeutic activity.  Patriots involved with equine are encouraged to move up the ladder and enter our search and rescue (SAR) training program dedicated to recovering missing people.  The PPP-Recovery SAR team has solved over 400 cases, some of which were cold cases over 25 years old.