Here at Progressive Performance we help men and women of all ages get strong, confident and build the bodies they have always wanted. if you are sick of being out of shape, having unhealthy lifestyle habits and want to get int the best shape of your life, Progressive Performance is the place for you.

Even if you are new to exercise, don't even know where to start, or just need some guidance and accountability we can help you with that. We focus our training around the small group (6 clients max) so your trainer makes sure you are doing the exercises right the whole time. The small group is great because you don't get lost in the crowd of a large group but you also get the attention you need for your specific goals.

Sports are getting more and more competitive these days, with kids playing sports all year round and going to special camps and technique coaches. Little do most know, the number one thing a young athlete can do to improve their  performance, other than sports practice is strength train.  Here at Progressive Performance we also offer a youth sports performance program. If your young athlete needs to get stronger, get faster, jump higher, be more explosive and gain confidence on the court, field or mat this is the place for them. Whether its making varsity, getting on that select or premier team, getting that college scholarship or just gaining some confidence, we can help your athlete.

If you want to get that edge on your competition. your athlete can't afford not to strength train at Progressive Performance.