Since 1992, Radix has developed solutions that efficiently utilize over 35 years of experience in computer engineering technology. The company has quickly become a recognized world leader and developer of premier software solutions such as mobile security, instant recovery and interactive management systems. Radix is committed to a consistent and substantial investment in research and development in order to expand its portfolio and meet a wide range of high-level computer maintenance and operation needs.

Market Overview
One of the main contributing factors in the transformation of the IT world is the rapid transition to remote managed cloud services. Analysts indicate over a billion worldwide computer users today with more than 75% of the western world’s labor force expected to work using mobile computing systems by 2013. As progress has led to vast numbers of mobile users operating beyond the organization network, IT administrators are faced with an overwhelming amount of new challenges, at much higher stakes. System failure can cause extended business downtime due to unavailable technical support, not to mention the risk of exposure for high-value corporate data when mobile devices are left unguarded or connected to an unsecured public network.

Products and Solutions
The next generation product line from Radix was designed to overcome the daily challenges of the elastic technology world. Radix flexible and agile solutions release IT administrators from the constant pressure associated with navigating this fast evolving and changing landscape.

Centralized Device Management
Radix Netpoint Manager is a cloud-based global management interface for network-wide visibility and control. This affordable, easy-to-use and robust system enables IT administrators and support engineers to centrally control thousands of PC's, laptops, tablets and hardware devices wherever they are.

Mobile Classroom Management
Radix SmartClass streamlines computer and tablet classroom management, facilitating effective teacher monitoring and control of student activities. This exclusively featured solution creates interactive student-centric learning environment that empower teachers to convey an enriched educational experience, with individual attention going to the students who really need it.

Android Classroom Management
Radix is proud to introduce the first tablet-on-tablet classroom, enabling teachers to effectively manage and control an Android tablet classroom from their own Android tablet.

Mobile Device Protection
The Radix range of laptop protection tools can respond to the most extreme computing disasters: Even extending to the potentially disastrous consequences of a system-wide breakdown.

Mobile Data Security
Radix kSafe is an intuitive virtual locker, enabling laptop users to protect their precious data even when operating outside the corporate security environment or in cases where a laptop or flash disk left unguarded has fallen into the wrong hands.

Instant System and Software Recovery
Radix Smart Recovery software minimizes users’ downtime and business disruption. Painlessly and in a matter of seconds Radix' Smart recovery restores system configurations and settings, as well as eliminating damage from viruses, system crashes, user errors and altered system and hardware settings.

Radix' solutions are already managing and safeguarding hundreds of thousands of computers: Increasing stability and minimizing downtime at thousands of businesses, governments organizations, security services, financing institutions, universities and education centers worldwide.