Practical Hypnotherapy is based in Calderdale, West Yorkshire and run by Peter Preston.

Peter utilises hypnosis for the treatment of smoking cessation, weight loss, confidence issues, motivation, phobias, public speaking and much more.

He is a registered and accredited hypnotherapist.

He was first introduced to hypnosis for therapy back in 2005 when he received treatment for his then morbid fear of flying. Before being helped by a hypnotherapist he would be a nervous wreck even at the thought of boarding a plane.

Hypnotherapy changed his life and not only was his fear of flying totally absent from his mind but he was also free to pursue a job that would see him flying up to 30 times a year! In fact, by the first flight after his treatment he was almost indifferent about take off!

Even though Peter was able to enjoy a new career he was still finding himself going back to the hypnotherapy that helped him to make those changes. Before long he was privately studying hypnosis, eager to see how it was able to do what it did and alter his way of thinking for the better.

When he decided to take his studies further and become a Clinical Hypnotherapist,
Peter was trained by Brian Jacobs of Harley Street, London, who was himself trained by Paul McKenna.

Peter has recently used hypnotherapy to assist in the birth of his first child.
Practical Hypnotherapy prides itself on its professionalism with the approach that it takes to using hypnosis for making positive, long-term changes that the client can use in their everyday lives.

There are many reasons why hypnotherapy can be the way to move forward to address certain behaviours, habits and emotions that a person can experience throughout their lives.

By addressing your subconscious mind directly, hypnosis is a powerful tool that can empower a person to achieve their desired goals far more rapidly than many conventional methods in the past may have done. Gone are the potential years of exhaustive and expensive treatments.

The number of sessions required will depend on the individual. The 1-session Stop Smoking programme at around 90 minutes can be longer than other sessions but is tailored to have the client a non-smoker by the time they leave the building. After which they are offered back-up for one year after their appointment (should they require it) at no extra cost. Other therapies may require further sessions, but they generally aim to have the desired outcome by the end of 3 to 5 sessions.

Practical Hypnotherapy always conducts pre-treatment interviews and keeps session records confidential and safely locked up.

Practical Hypnotherapy is fully insured.

Please fee free to contact peter either by phone or email for a confidential discussion about how he can help you.