Pragyan International University has been established by Pragyan Foundation, a Not-For-Profit Institution based out of Kolkata. The Trustees of Pragyan Foundation (Sponsoring Body) have been actively engaged in the field of education since 1991 (over 25 years) and have brought their rich experience and expertise in the establishment of Pragyan International University, designing its programmes, hiring the best faculties, offering the finest infrastructure and offering industry-oriented job ready and practical education.

The Trustees of Pragyan Foundation have been majorly associated with the impart of education on Holistic Health Sciences including Yoga, Naturopathy, Physiotherapy, Nutrition, Wellness, etc. and promotion and propagation of the importance of Spirituality, Oriental Sciences and Heritage, and World Peace over the last 25 years. Over 1,00,000 students on Holistic Health Sciences were taught and professed by the Institutions run by the Trustees and their philanthropic activities in the promotion of Spirituality, Heritage, Culture and Peace reached the lives of many millions around the world and resulted in tie-ups with more than 200 world-class institutions worldwide for student and research exchange.

Through the establishment of Pragyan International University, Pragyan Foundation aims at furthering the noble cause that the Trustees have already been indulged in and reaching out to many more people worldwide through this recognized platform. The University wants to give the citizens of the world a range of healthcare options to choose from, the people to connect with their souls, understand the importance of the rich heritage of our cultures and establish world peace through happiness and prosperity.

It is with these values that the Pragyan International University was established and is thriving to stand strong its 5 pillars of Wellness, Yoga, Spirituality, Heritage and Peace (WYSHP).

Pragyan International University has been established vide Jharkhand Government Act No. 11 of 2016 and recognised as per Sec 2(f) of UGC, Government of India.

Hon'ble Governor of Jharkhand is the Visitor of Pragyan International University.