On the corner of 6th Street and main in downtown Rapid City, Prairie Edge stands two stories high and stretches out for half a block as an historic 19th century brick, wood, and glass building. Inside, the hardwood floors and polished cabinetry bring to mind the spirit of the Old West, while the distinct smell of sweetgrass and soft sound of a Lakota flute evoke the mystique of the Native American culture.

Established in 1980, the Prairie Edge concept has two primary purposes:
- The first is to preserve the heritage and culture of the Northern Plains Indians.
- The second is to provide Northern Plains Indian artists and craftspeople an outlet for their finest work which reflects on their heritage and culture.

Today, we are a showcase for Northern Plains Indian history, culture, and language through our collection of Native American art, traditional crafts, tribal music, & hard-to-find books that feature regional and nationally acclaimed artists.