Praise His Name.Org (PHN) is a non-profit initiative inspired by the belief that every human being is worthy of the Grace of God through the means of engaging those unfortunate with resources needed to innovative, create, and position oneself to live a holy lifestyle.
• Establish and grow Praise His Name.Org into a full service Non-profit through it's conglomerate of foundations (Praise His Name TV / Butterfly Foundation) to change and inspire a generation to strive for God's approval through diligent work within the ministry.
Keys to Success
• Focus on creating a consistent stream of high quality programs to assist those with/without understanding of God's Doctrine to productive Christians through works of faith.
• Solve problems with community involvement , social and economic budgets
• Ensure Community involvement in a timely manner, financials are managed effectively, marketing and promotional budgets are monitored, and develop successful growth strategies
• Focus on internet presence and building the foundation for a recognizable web brand
Currently, the Praise His Name.Org is in the pre-production phase of establishing the Ministry as a bona fide non-profit organization. The Organization is Praise His Name.org in conjunction with Praise His Name Gospel Television and The Butterfly Foundation. Each Ministry is iatrical and self standing in its own right; however, aggregate to form a subsidiary of the founding principle of Praise His Name.org.
Praise His Name.Org (PHN) purpose is to create quality programs that can touch people's lives and bring about positive changes.
Our Values
The Praise His Name Tv.org values are grounded in our mission.
• Impact: We value performance and results. We set and hold ourselves accountable for high standards.
• Respect: We listen to and learn from the community, funders, and one another. We value diverse perspectives and strive to incorporate them in our work.
• Candor: Good choices are grounded in good information. We value facts and feedback, speak our minds, and understand that hard choices and difficult tradeoffs are often necessary.
• Collaboration: We work as a team within The Praise His Name Tv.org and with the community. We share what we know and try to align our efforts with those of others who are dedicated to achieving social impact.
• Passion: We are committed to making a difference through our work. We seek to understand what can be, not simply what is.