Human is far beyond the physical existence; much greater and more capable. His needs therefore are far beyond the comfort of the physical body. His emotions must be nurtured, his mind must be nourished and his soul must be transcend to manifest what we call greatness… The greatness for which we are born, we live and we learn.
PranaWorld.net is all about introducing a healthy and wholesome way of living using the well-established teaching of GMCKS Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga.
Pranic healing is basically an ancient science and art of healing which utilizes prana, chi or life force to improve the health of the body. It involves the manipulation of life force and etheric matter in the patient’s energy body. It is a no-touch, no-drug energy based healing developed through extensive research and validation which encourages individuals to improve their own living condition.
Pranic Healing is designed based on the overall structure of the human body which is composed of two parts: the visible physical body and the invisible energy body often called the bioplasmic body. The existence of this energy field that surrounds and interpenetrates the human body and nourishes it with life force or Prana has been validated by scientists as early as 1939. In fact frontier scientists describe us as quantum packets of energy, continuously transmitting and receiving energy. There exist energy centers or chakras in this energy body as well which control physical, emotional and mental functions of the whole human system. This energy field gets contaminated and damaged, thus physical, emotional and mental imbalances are the outcome.
Pranic Healing techniques cleanse, energize and rebalance the energy field to restore harmony and balance physically, emotionally and mentally. These techniques can also be used to correct imbalances in vortices of energy that control all human activities such as relationships, finance, work and home environments to allow them to function at their optimum level. This in turn improves the way life force circulates and nourishes the physical body, bringing about an accelerated rate of healing.
Although Pranic Healing is now recognized as a popular healing modality, Pranic Healing Masters emphasize that its applications are far beyond a mere healing tool, rather an energetic technology to understand and improve human life in all aspects of its existence.
In PranaWorld.net we see things differently, completely integrated with the world of subtle energies and try to blend the art and science of Pranic Healing with:
- physical and emotional well-being
- family and relationships
- arts, design and lifestyle
- business and finance
- world service
- spiritual evolution and personal growth