PRC Partners was initially established with the primary aim of providing a wide scope of professional expertise and support for international small- and mid-cap companies listed in Canada. Our services range from marketing support, international presentation, public relations, image cultivation, to introduction and listing at foreign stock markets.

Over the course of time more and more of our clients approached us with requests for support in funding, brokerage and investment- banking affairs, which led us to sourcing funds for private placements and extensive interactions with appropriate banks, investment banks, and brokerage firms. Consequently and inevitably we also established extensive business relations with private equity investors.

To exploit the evident synergies effectively and to co-ordinate all our efforts for our clientele efficiently we draw upon the resources of our task-specific subsidiaries. One subsidiary researches and ascertains suitable and promising small and medium-cap companies and performs an extensive due diligence examination, which constitutes the foundation of our involvement. The due diligence examination determines possible opportunities and risks, as well as the sustainability of business models and the intrinsic value of our prospective clientele. Once this is concluded satisfactorily we engage in our services.
The other subsidiary utilizes mainstream information technology, predominantly the Internet and Social Media, disseminating content generated by its editorial division, which in turn is supported by its own design and video-production department, additionally distributing client information and our self-generated content via reputable publications with widespread outreach, thus establishing a strong market and media presence for our clientele.