CeeIndustrial is a leading B2B directory promoting industrial related products to Central and Eastern Europe. We can add your Marketing material online in  9  Languages WE also include product images, logo static or flash, flash movie presentation PDF Catalogues online ,A4 Static Presentations, press releases and Google Adwords Campaign in 9 Languages such as English, Polish, Russian, Czech, Hungary, Slovakian, Ukrainian, Romanian, and Bulgarian. We also provide free news on the latest developments for Industry in Central and Eastern Europe.

We focus on all Industrial Products and have a total of 38 vertical sectors such as Machine tools , CNC and EDM Machining , Robotics ,Automation ,control and assembly , Sheet metal working/ forming , Machine Tooling ,Work holding devices, Tools , Welding Joining ,cutting and Fastening Technology , Heat treatment, Furnaces Burners, heating equipment , Metal Forming (massiv)machines & Engraving Machinery , Power and Energy , Automotive Design & Production , Chemicals Industry apparatus and Machinery , Machinery for the Food and Beverage Industries, Packaging & Printing Industry , Pulp & Paper , Plastic Industry , Rubber Processing Machinery , Textiles and Shoes machines , Woodworking Machinery , Other Industry Machinery and tooling , Used and reconditioned machines , Parallel Kinematic machines & Micro machining , Industrial Computing , Software for machines , Pumps & compressors , Hydraulic and pneumatic components & Vacuum Technology , Valves, Pipes, Fittings Piping systems & Filters , Metrology , Factory/Warehouse/ Material Handling and Transport , Workwear, Safety & Security , Services for the workshop, Companies & Subcontracting , Industrial Supplies, Lubricants, Chemicals, adhesives & Materials , Environmental , Equipment for waste treatment/disposal and recycling
For all the industrial products for the Central and Eastern Europe region
Ceeindustrial and its staff have over 18 years bringing western know-how and technology in the industrial world to important decision makers, Industrial professionals and key local officials. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive business development tool designed to establish both direct and indirect sales channels across Industry within Central and Eastern Europe. We will also deliver news, facts and market intelligence to give our clients a complete overview of opportunities in Central and Eastern Europe
We work with companies of all sizes what ever there experience form large multi nationals to smaller family run businesses. Whether you all ready have a strong network in Central and Eastern Europe or these are your first steps we our confident we can add value to your business in the Central and Eastern Europe industrial market.
Ceeindustrial is the industrial division of Europa Sources who specialize in industrial Specific B2B platforms for emerging markets