The LifeInsurancehelpdesk.com is   the education and marketing  vehicle for The Life Insurance help desk life insurance agency. it is owned and operated by james P. Tobin, CFP and focuses on educating consumers about the "tips and tricks" of having your life insurance application seen in the most favorable light.
The life insurance marketplace is filled with carriers who will view particular circumstances differently from one another.  it is therefore imperative that anybody with a pre existing condition  consult with an independent advisor to  educate themselves as to the options available and the carriers most likely to provide a beneficial offer.
The lifeinsurancehelpdesk.com does this and more. The site also provides the basics of the life insurance process from start to finish including an option to receive a free life insurance quote in seconds.

In addition to the emphasis on insurance basics and pre existing conditions, the site has a blog that is, in part, dedicated to the owner’s health improvement journey and how it is reflected in thee underwriting guides offered by the major carriers. The blog, the Preferred Best Project,  features the use of walk-in labs, weigh ins, blood sugar checks, and blood pressure recordings. The project is beta testing a proprietary underwriting tool that will give visitors to the site an approximation of their underwriting grade based on the previously mentioned criteria.

The proprietor, James p. Tobin is a Certified Financial Planner,  insurance licensed in multiple states. Mr.Tobin resides in Norwalk, CT with his wife Nicole.