As a man, your wife’s [url=http://www.healthclop.com]pregnancy[/url] may be the highest achievement of your life, in a manner of speaking. Having a child (ren) is a sign of a completion, so it is not of a big question if you feel stressed out and all frustrated from your inability to knock your wife out. But the thing is, pregnancy is a delicate matter. It can only be achieved after certain adjustments have been made to the surroundings. Calculations can be made. Estimations can be arranged. But it will all come down to how you treat your body to achieve such a feat without looking like you have done anything imaginable to no avail. The good thing is that you do not need to do intricate methods just to prepare your body. You can do it all rather easily. First thing first, you cannot expect your wife to get pregnant if you yourself are not in a perfect condition. So, you best try to exercise a little bit to obtain some stamina. Believe it; tested physical performance is the essential ingredient of pregnancy-making. Someone who is not fit cannot last long and cannot be trusted in making his wife pregnant.

Smoking cigarette, even once, is a big no-no. Smoking habit leads to increased blood pressure and increased blood pressure leads to restricted blood flow, which, by the way, spells bad things for your erectile function. If you are a smoker now, quit it. If you are a quitter now, resist any temptation to drag a cigarette out of its pack. Also, if you enjoy taking steroids for your performance, cut it off. While steroids may be better for your physical aspect, it does not do much on the sperm-production front. So, if you and your partner are trying to get a child, steroids are one to put a leash on. Take a lot of anti-oxidants.

You may not realize their importance because you perhaps think that they only work to battle cancers. Well, you get it right all the way. Notice that sperms are cells, too. See the connection there? Free radicals invade cells and what other way better than defending yourself against them using antioxidants? So, pregnancy and cancer-free, quite an accomplishment, isn’t it? Alcohol intake is also another thing to put on your watch list. A couple of sip would not do any harm but excessiveness will kill every potential you might have in all the attempts you plan with your spouse or partner. Once again, pregnancy is indeed a delicate matter but by beginning to take care of yourself, everything should be simple and pretty easy to achieve.