We are a direct commercial real estate lender.  We have programs for many types of CRE and borrower credit.  We can provide hard money loans, long-term loans for purchase and refinance, construction loans and our Mezz program with 90% LTC.

We can provide real estate loans for owner-occupied or investment commercial real estate.

Our Mezz program is an interest only, non-recourse, 5 year program.  combined with the senior debt we supply, we can get a project to 90% combined LTC.  This means the project sponsor only has to bring 10% of the total project costs to the deal.  On a number of property types we will also refinance the project after 4 to 5 years (and stabilization) into a 30 to 40 year loan.

We have hard money loans, our own small balance intermediary program that is not quite hard money but works for non-bankable deals.

Minimum loan size $100,000.  No maximum.  We do have due diligence costs after signing a Conditional Loan Approval.  3rd party report deposits are collected.  Our Mezz program does have additional 3rd party costs to get started and we reimburse half to all (depending on size of project) as the Mezz funds are brought in and disbursed to the project.