People Are No Longer Going to Libraries for Answers, They’re Going Online. Prensa Scan Takes Your Collection and Digitizes It - From There the Possibilities are Boundless!

Burlington, Ont. May 4, 2012 - Prensa Scan intend to make centuries of historic content available. Using innovative, non-destructive book scanning technology, Prensa Scan can scan and digitize entire private and public libraries, including government and municipal records quickly and safely, ensuring the preservation and digitization of practically anything printed on paper! The book scanning services offered by Prensa Scan digitize and converts the text into numerous formats (.PDF, .MOBI, Kindle, Ipad, etc.) including audiobooks and Braille.  As ebook readers and tablets replace books and written text, many are browsing online for information once searched for at libraries and museums. The future of document scanning will allow for digital access to publications extending back to the Gutenberg printing press. The educational implications are only one facet of the digital imaging industry. Academic journals, corporate files and scientific research can now be organized in a meta-database of Searchable PDF files and put on a cloud for easy accessibility.  The overwhelming desire for accessible digitized content makes Prensa Scan’s services essential.

An additional benefit of scanning and digitization is that it allows one to store and share massive files without amassing stacks of books or cabinets of files. Prensa Scan digitizes the book or document in it’s original condition, avoiding destructive scanning techniques previously used in the industry. Now books can transcend the limitations of their medium, becoming an educational and interactive experience as an ebook, Braille or audio file. As more libraries, archives and museums recognize the importance of digital preservation, Prensa Scan will play a crucial role in maximizing conversion capabilities, making what was previously bound, boundless in opportunity!

Founded in 2010, Prensa Scan envisioned the growing demand for digitized content and has ventured to scan public and private libraries to meet the demand within the industry. Including the book2net  and Fujistu 6670, Prensa Scan also operates a Hovercam T3, Canon 5D Mark II and The Next Engine 3D laser scanners to meet a range of scanning needs. What sets Prensa Scan apart is their understanding of OCR and conversion software and the innovative ways they plan to integrate the technology, giving their customers the capabilities to create interactive ebooks, organized archives, audiobooks, detailed digital reproductions and even text in Braille.

If you would like more information on Prensa Scan and the opportunities of digitization, contact Karin Helfrich (416) 543-9294 or email her at Karin@PrensaScan.com