PrepUP is revolutionizing the way students study for the daunting and ultra-important SAT and ACT exams. Two years ago, Akhilesh Khakhar suffered from a concussion, requiring several months of physical therapy to regain his balance and coordination. Upon going back to doing school work, Khakhar realized that his brain was working slower and his work took him much longer to complete. Khakhar then studied how to study and found out that competition and genuine interest are very important in learning. He realized that students his age have a strong need to connect and social media has become an essential platform in the lives of many students.

Khakhar took this information and applied it to SAT and ACT exam preparation. Students can log into PrepUP with their Facebook account and play in a live, head-to-head match in a series of multiple choice ACT or SAT questions with their Facebook friends or any of the students online. PrepUP is revolutionizing the world of test prep by bringing students together to study in a fun and competitive format. In addition to practice tests and the question of the day, students can learn effectively through the in-depth answer explanations to the thousands of questions on the app.