■What is Preschool Career?
Preschool Career(http://www.preschool-career.com) is a contingent fee type job information website for supporting the matching of preschools located in Japan and teachers/staffs who want to work at such preschools.

■Features of Preschool Career
1, Contingent fee type, listing fee is free.
   It is free to posting job information on this site, so you can feel free to use.
   Our service is able to minimize the cost of recruiting because you only need to   pay when the recruiting  succeeded.
2, Schools (Employers) can send offers to the candidates you are interested.
   Basically schools (Employers) post job information and Candidates apply to it.    
   Not only the approach from Candidates to schools(Employers),  schools(Employers) can send offers to candidates if you find someone you want to know more. This function will make it easier for schools to find teachers / staffs  who seems to more likely fit your school.
3, Both registering and job posting are easy.
 Complex registration is not required at all. You can create your own account only with a simple information input. In addition, once you create an account, you can make a quick job posting anytime you want/need.
4, Rich in benefits for candidates.
   For the convenient usage for Candidates, there are various functions such as    Bookmark function, well prepared form for resume, scouting function, and so on. In addition, candidates can access to the rich job information and school information through connections with a number of schools across the country that have been built up by our related services “Preschool Navi” (http://www.preschool-navi.jp/).