At Prescient Strategist, we, business visionary Nimish Desai and life coach Kalyani Kamble bring a collective experience of over 45 years in nailing the art and science of doing what it takes to push businesses to the next level. With our powerful programs, we wish to guide and provide path-breaking techniques, practical knowledge, and information that will help businesses accelerate, scale up, develop a market edge, and excel.

So, whether you are struggling with low cash flow, staggering sales, stress and anxiety, non-performing teams or just want to scale up your business, begin your entrepreneurial journey, or start a new business vertical, Prescient Strategist has a program for you that will transform the way your business functions and help you achieve your goals.

Why Stagnate When You Can Soar?
Some of the most successful organizations today have up to 20-year-goal plans. Their strategies, systems, and people are aligned toward making those goals a reality. On the contrary, goal-setting – a crucial step of scaling up, is not executed correctly in most small businesses and they reach a plateau in their growth timeline. The mindset of stagnation or just ‘getting by’ prevents business leaders from thinking big and reaching greater heights.