Roth & Lawrence

For over 15 years, its  founding member Ms. Lawrence has worked as a publicist-- for celebrities, fortune 500 companies, pro athletes, book authors and the alike. In addition, the firm is also the publishing house for two fastest-growing publications, Exposure Magazine and Urban Wall Street Journal Newspaper.

Roth & Lawrence’s Strengths

Our primary strength is in developing relevant and compelling brand messages for clients and then finding unique ways to deliver them to the people who matter most. Every public relations firm can do media relations or set up a Facebook page; Roth & Lawrence goes one step beyond and finds ways to use the traditional public relations methods in new way that create a difference.
While creativity and objectivity are important, we’re also dedicated to client satisfaction.

Roth & Lawrence’s Key Mantra  

“Under promise and over deliver in the spirit of excellence.”
Finally, it’s not a successful relationship with a client if we don’t open their eyes to what’s possible. That means we’re constantly looking for the next BIG idea and investing in the speculative work required to allow clients to see the future and act on it today.