Aart & Kingsley Agency clients benefit from our expertise in building lucrative communication funnels, generating leads with a true interest in the products and services our clients offer. The agency operates a lifestyle magazine accessible to millions with over 87,409+ subscribers in October 2019 the agency acquired its very own smart TV network app on ROKU and Amazon Fire Stick; as a result our clients can access over 160 million households.

Aart & Kingsley Agency's primary goal is to operate media platforms that will allow our clients to stream video content in conjunction with earning media placement on mainstream networks such as FOX, CBS, and the alike.

Learn more about the network http://video.exposure-magazine.com/share/5ed55d7cdb4a5
Learn more about Exposure Magazine https://www.exposure-magazine.com/ad-buy
Learn more about our Coaching Channel  https://video.exposure-magazine.com/share/5ed866e8ca0ed
Learn more about the network https://video.exposure-magazine.com/share/5ed5438f59788