About Pretty Brown Girl
Founded in 2010, Pretty Brown Girl, LLC, is a company whose mission is to encourage girls to celebrate the beautiful shades of brown while inspiring positive self-esteem and confidence. In addition to the Pretty Brown Girl T-Shirts, the brand includes "Laila", the very popular and first ever Pretty Brown Girl doll, a children's book titled Pretty Brown Girl, My First Day of School, by Sheri Crawley, a PBG Pledge and a host of accessories for girls all adorned with the "Pretty Brown Girl" trademarked message.

"Pretty Brown Girl" is quickly becoming a popular term of endearment for girls and women to describe themselves and others. More than products, Pretty Brown Girl is a movement. The company has a curriculum, programs and a Student Ambassador Program which enables high school and college teens to become liaisons with their school, church, or community to facilitate Pretty Brown Girl projects and events while developing leadership skills.

Crawley's mission is to become the voice of brown girls in cities around the U.S, and hopes to also reach girls all over the world.

More information on the company and products can be found at www.prettybrowngirl.com.