My name is Trina and I am the owner and lead candle maker and, I have been hand crafting soy candles since 2009 and absolutely love it. The number one reason I went into making my own scented candles was simply because I was disappointed and fed up with the scented candles that were on the market. They would smell good before being lit but had little to no aroma while being burned so, I decided to create my own highly scented candles. Each of our candles are created with highly concentrated fragrance oils and handcrafted to give off excellent scent throw to fill your room with an abundance of fragrance.

I wanted to make each candle truly eco-friendly all the way through so they wouldn’t give off harmful fumes or burned unevenly so, the only way I could accomplish that was to use all natural soy wax. Our candles are created with 100% soy wax made from American grown soy beans. Each candle has a cotton core wick, concentrated fragrance oils, and dye free to give you a truly all natural soy candle.