Pretty In Ink challenges the masculine identity that tattoo shops have by creating a “less grunge, more glitter” experience and promoting a healing environment through incorporating crystals, sage, and friendly welcoming energy.
Aside from the girl power and delicate feminine decor, there is much more to Pretty In Ink than meets the eye.  Their vision, mission and way of life boasts feminism, body positivity, community, and women empowerment.  
Jackie holds many titles—including breaking the stigmas of male dominated industries in the public sphere. A powerful female not only stands as CEO, but she further inspired and taught her closest friends to pursue entrepreneurship outside of their corporate careers. She has helped two women ditch their corporate career suit jackets for t-shirts, financial freedom, and full-time entrepreneurship.
Together they are challenging the status quo and showing other women they can pursue their dreams at any point in life and do something different too.  Our way of life attracts a “girl gang” of like-minded women—often typing in “female tattoo artist” in search queries and looking to support another woman owned business.  
The “not-so-average” chic upscale aesthetic is beautiful, but also represents the face of the new age tattoo collector. Everyone from high level executives to doctors and lawyers hide full sleeves under their scrubs and suit jackets.  There is no “average” look of a tattoo collector these days, so why should tattoo shops carry the typical masculine stereotype that can feel unwelcoming to some women.  In this age, tattoos are rarely used as labels of social deviants and women no longer have to have a dainty, hidden artwork.  People are using tattoos as accessories, memorials, art collections and memoirs to tell a story of their life.
Not only do they spread love to their growing client base, Jackie and her team combine their passion for artistry and philanthropy to pour back into the community. Her shop hosts fundraisers for organizations leading the charge for Black lives and every October the shop chooses breast cancer survivors and hosts a day of art offering free post-mastectomy coverups. In March 2021 for Women’s History Month, she donated $1400 and a year of mentorship to a woman-owned businesses.
Every aspect of our brand was well-thought to articulate our core values and mission to create a community with a meaningful cause. Alongside upgrading the tattoo experience with various shades of pink, well-crafted communication methods and attention to detail, we tackle hard topics and take an active stance to boost our good will and bottom line within our company culture and charity work.
Jackie wants to do more than just great artwork.  She works hard to change the world for a better tattoo and a better tomorrow, all while helping women become braver and bolder to move the Pretty In Ink mission with optimal impact.