Prevail News nonprofit creates jobs for homeless, formerly homeless and marginalized people through our website and our entrepreneurial activities.

Prevailnews.org is for visionaries: those who imagine something different. They live and work among us and often go unnoticed.

Our online newspaper at prevailnews.org is a means to create income in the short term through sponsors and donations. In the longer term, we anticipate ancillary activities to generate revenue; among these photography, printing, marketing and graphic design services.

We believe that

•     Every person can work, even if at limited hours
•     Every human needs to work for a sense of purpose and meaning in life
•     Work should be available to everyone
•     Existing businesses cannot be expected to create jobs for everyone
•     Work includes a means for developing relationships

Thus we see that having a job transforms the lives of the street survivor population. As one staff member has put it, "Prevail News has given me a reason to get up in the morning. It has changed everything about my life. It's made my world 100% better."