At Priatek, we believe that consumers and advertisers should get more from the tremendous untapped-value in the time the average person spends on mobile devices and roaming high-traffic venues such as malls.

Priatek's in2win® product is a social gamification platform that incentivizes consumers along a fun and rewarding journey, that creates repeat sales and brand loyalists for your company. in2winners ultimately become active influencers of your brand, driving tremounds social validation for your products among their friends and followers.

Priatek wrote the patent and invented the leading edge technology in ad-tech used to build the in2win® social-gamification-platform. in2win® has been methodically and systematically designed to deliver unrivaled consumer engagement, and drive direct sales for products and services of all types.

The in2win® platform consists of physical gamified kiosks in high-traffic locations, and an engaging mobile app available to users anytime and anywhere. Under the hood, in2win® AI is constantly collecting information about consumers and brands used to optimize in2win content to deliver the absolute best message for the target audience.

Consumers choose an offer and play a game that is enjoyable and memorable. The amount of data we deliver is incredible, and each engagement is trackable. Some of our brands report a tremendous 30-50% offer redemption.

The voluntary nature of the engagement makes each connection between the brand and the consumer rewarding for both parties.

Starting in New York, with Praitek's local Tampa Bay area following shortly, and spreading across the country, the in2win® platform will be present in dozens of shopping malls and top hotels with, thus infusing fresh new advertising inventory in every new market.

Learn more about the great product in2win®, and Priatek at www.priatek.com.