Pricecare.com was founded by George G. Neuman, MD in 2008 to empower consumers with choice and control over their healthcare needs. Pricecare.com is now the nation’s leading online portal to affordable healthcare in the United States, featuring leading physicians, quality facilities and competitive prices for surgical and diagnostic procedures.

As healthcare costs continue to rise, consumers can rely on Pricecare.com to shop for quality, affordable healthcare. Pricecare.com offers personalized views of medical procedures and their associated costs.

Pricecare.com empowers patients with choice and control over their healthcare needs at a great, all-inclusive price. Patients have the ability to search treatments and procedures and compare participating doctors by location, price, experience and insurance participation.

Via Pricecare.com, providers such as hospitals, surgical centers and physicians gain exposure to new markets and drastically expand their service area. Doctors have the unique opportunity to reach out to patients willing to travel for quality, affordable healthcare.

Pricecare.com provides healthcare facilities with an innovative channel to promote their physicians and services, thereby increasing revenue while simultaneously addressing capacity issues. Facilities can offer transparent pricing for procedures they want to promote to patients they may otherwise have missed.