Price Entertainment is a haunted attraction production company that offers a variety of goods and services in the industry. From freelance performing in haunts and at events, props, special fx, consulting, seminars, and more.

Price Entertainment was the company formed by Michael “Mr. Maniacal” Maxim and Craig Laux back around 2010 to promote their freelance performing and consulting work in the horror/haunted attraction (or what we like to call the dark entertainment) industry. It has no evolved into a full business still focused on the horror/haunted attraction industry, however both founding members have broadened their horizons once again and set new goals for the years to come.

With over 50 years of combined experience in the haunted attraction industry the members of Price Entertainment are hard at work offering new products and services to the industry, focusing on quality, maximizing scare factors by focusing more on heightening the psychological horror aspects of haunting, and working towards the ultimate goal set for 2014…opening their own haunted attraction in Northeast Ohio.