Primary Endpoints is a platform that makes the successes and failures of the sector-wide biotech development pipeline transparent and accessible for the benefit and collaboration of investors, researchers and patients.
The site presents biotech industry data – made publicly available by the FDA – enhanced with expert opinions and additional research. Primary Endpoints helps you track clinical trials with crisp data visualizations and crowdsourced industry expertise.
We built Primary Endpoints to be engaging and user-friendly, with features to help you navigate some of the most exciting data in the biotech industry today. Whether you are an investor, a clinical researcher or a patient, visit the website to find the trials of your interest, follow discussions, and see what biotech gurus are saying about current clinical trials.
Primaryendpoints.com gives investors access to clinical trials information to identify potential investment opportunities. We help you make wise investments based on gurus’ opinions and forecasts.
Being a researcher, you can access clinical trial results today and use them for your research. The site offers you features to find clinical trials, create your personal notes and share them with your patients in one click. Get in contact with colleagues from all over the world, learn their opinion and make your own predictions on trials.
Searching for newest trials in a patient’s disease area has never been easier. Now patients can see which trials are more likely to succeed according to gurus’ predictions and find out which of them are currently hiring. Enter discussions to ask a question about your condition and see what biotech researchers and physicians think.
Join our clinical trials platform today to predict better, invest smarter and connect with experts in the biotech community from all over the world!