Primavera Online High School started in 2001 as a state-funded public charter school in Chandler. In 2003, POHS became one of seven virtual schools in Arizona, launching its entire curriculum online. Today, Primavera is the largest virtual high school in the state, teaching thousands of students all over Arizona.

Our goal at Primavera Online High School is to provide each student with a comprehensive, personalized educational experience. Our certified, highly qualified instructors follow this philosophy by motivating students through regular one-on-one communication and recognizing each and every student’s potential to learn and achieve academically. Primavera provides a structured yet flexible atmosphere that prepares students for real world situations. Our unique curriculum utilizes a variety of nationally-renowned content providers to enrich each student’s education and encompass all learning styles. This highly structured approach to learning is a revolutionary way to receive a high school diploma without sacrificing the quality of your child’s education.

At Primavera, we understand that learning is a lifelong endeavor that should be fun and enjoyable. Primavera is committed to offering the highest quality education so every student can experience the satisfaction of learning.