Prime Care and Pathology is a full-service medical office offering patient-centric care. Our diagnostic services enable patients to discover the root causes of illness before it’s too late. We proudly serve the Metro-Atlanta area providing healthcare education, primary care and lab services providing healthcare education, primary care and lab services.
Prime Care and Pathology is an independent, medical clinic. We are based in Conyers, Georgia and proudly serve the surrounding Atlanta-Metro areas. Offering advanced diagnostic pathology and specialty laboratory services. Prime Care Pathology has worked with clinicians to advance patient care and to optimize treatment and recovery.
Prime Care and Pathology provides clients with timely and accurate diagnoses, and customized, integrated pathology solutions. Our unique practice brings valuable healthcare services to patients wherever they may be.
Dr. Jackson Gates is a board certified Medical Doctor specializing in clinical and anatomic pathology. His approach to medicine enables patients to uncover the root causes of their ailments.