An All You Can Fly Membership Airline

Have you been having a nerve-wracking experience trying to keep up with your busy schedule or unique lifestyle while flying with commercial airlines or private charters? Would you be interested in an innovative system that takes away all the complexities and gives you access to a unique private jet experience?

If you answered YES to these questions, we are excited to share with you details about a revolutionary aviation model.

PRINCE AIR is the first Indian company offering a private jet subscription service that gives its members the power to fly unlimited on company owned private jets.

Members won’t need to struggle through the airport queues or show up an hour or two hours before their flight takes off. As Prince Air Members, they will be able to move around Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru with ease!! Our app-based solution will allow its members to book flights within seconds. All it takes to enjoy our service is a monthly subscription, which enables members to fly on our private jets and travel with ease and luxury.

Our powerful and robust system which is totally digitized will give Members the edge to stay on top of the game as explained by Sanket Raj Singh, Founder of Prince Air.

What makes this a great deal for you?
•     You enjoy VIP entrance at designated Airports and can enjoy unlimited flights across Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru as well as other cities that will be added on shortly.
•     You enjoy a lifestyle of luxury as you fly on a trendy private jet at a fraction of the cost.
•     With our plan, you enjoy all the facilities that are reserved for those that own a private jet.
•     It is cost-effective as we are bringing the cost down by 80% to 90% to travel on a private jet.
•     Our unique collaborations with luxury brands will give you distinct and opulent benefits.
•     From booking to boarding; the jet service will be customized through the app on your device.
•     Monthly Subscription cost would be in between $1500-$3000 (1 Lakh to 2 Lakh INR).

Just think about it this way: You could waste your time and money ‘’hoping for the best’’ with commercial airline/private charter services or you can do what many savvy individuals have done by signing up with Prince Air.

Prince Air has in its fleet the best luxury private jets which are designed to match the needs of their members who are informed business travelers or even those who enjoy leisure travelling.
You can come on-board and enjoy this sublime experience by connecting with us right now for more!
Your monthly subscription means you now enjoy all features which were only available to those who owned a private jet but at a fraction of the cost.

Sign up now at www.princeair.in to experience this exclusive lifestyle!