Thousands of Entrepreneurs begin the race in Coca nut Shell tops and grass skirts to win the coveted Leadership awards in Excellence beginning July 10th 2008 at the Hilton Hawaiian Village. The ethereal goal of bettering Mankind starts with "cleaning up one's house by delving into personal development. It seems that those who really get this concept have achieved success both personally as well as financially. They have landed in the arena of Millionaires who have then become mentors to thousands of other ordinary individuals who are striving for the same end. Those goals are met daily as reported by the Liberty League International daily report. Generosity and Giving are the company's emphasis. Can the power of directed thought and energy as a forceful tool be learned? If you have the motivation, every imaginable "what if" and "only if" becomes reality. The race starting July 10th 2008 continuing through July 12th in Oahu will finalize at the Bahamas' Atlantis October 12th through the 16th 2008. Was I a Skeptic? Very much so. Do I doubt it? See it for yourself and be ready to face the greatest challenge of your life. Should I say I am saving my life in a swim suit and suntan lotion? As an independent distributor I know there is no struggle here, but a race to save lives none the less. CEO iseekgrowthcom