Established in 2010, Printed Editions is a site dedicated to helping collectors source fine prints from a network of expert galleries, print dealers and print studios.

Our passion and focus is on promoting and sharing 500 years of printmaking to print collectors and art enthusiasts.

As well as celebrated artists, Printed Editions is very keen to introduce collectors to lesser-known artists, many of whom have been established for many years and who have a large local collector-base, but may not be known internationally.

All of our members share a culture of embracing new and innovative ways of promoting their galleries and studios, as well as the artists and artworks that they deal in. Members recognise that taking a long term approach to sustainable marketing rather than measuring successful marketing based on short-term results, is the right approach to growing their business.

Members realise that having an effective online presence will significantly increase the likelihood of success leading to building long-term relationships with new collectors. Members recognise their expertise is highly valued by collectors and enhancing their reputation.