Manage Printing Smarter for the Modern Workplace

Printix is a secure SaaS, cloud-based print management platform that works in concert with Microsoft Azure AD and Google G-Suite. With single sign-on, each user gains secure access to business printing resources. Printix provides a better way to install, manage, maintain and optimize a print environment without print servers.

Office 365 and Azure
Printix is a tried and proven solution for the Office 365 and Azure user. Now companies and organizations can implement a true cloud-based workplace based on Office 365 allowing them to benefit from the flexibility, security and tools to make the most of their resources.

Cloud-based print infrastructure, automation and control
Installing print drivers and creating print queues is comparatively easy when these are stored in the cloud rather than on in-house servers. Printix handles such processes, saving companies time and money on maintaining legacy print servers and making life easier for IT.

Print Management for everyone
Printix is a provider of print management as a service. It helps companies to streamline printing operations and drive business innovation, by accessing the cloud technology advantages of enterprise software for everyone, without the complexity and cost. Besides streamlining operations, printing management can help in saving money and increasing productivity for any company.

Quick Deployment
Using Printix, an organization can be functioning in days or even hours, depending on the kind of setup needed. The IT resources required to roll-out Printix are considerably less, and since the application is accessed on a standard web browser, this dispenses with the need for hours of training for users.

Visibility and insight
Printix provides visibility and insight in real-time about the status of printers and users on the network. Any employee can access the data from anywhere to help proactively optimize and manage office printing.

Office Printing Anywhere
Printix enables a growing mobile workforce to be able to print anywhere, to any network printer. Balancing this greater flexibility, appropriate security measures are taken to ensure data integrity and document compliance throughout.