Prism Perspectives Group LLC helps clients to build profitability and cash flow by improving organization performance and bench strength.  Our clients are small to midsize manufacturing divisions, sites or organizations made up of 200-2000 employees.  

Our 3 core services are custom designed to fit client objectives, business strategy, and organization needs for performance improvement, human resources management and training/development.  Our flexible solutions are economical and provide visible value and impact.  

Organizational performance improvement services may include the following:
1.  Internal research leveraging unique assessment tools and skillful one-on-one interviews with people throughout your organization
2.  Measurement of your organization's capacity to execute strategically
3.  Coaching and facilitation to develop and implement solutions

As your long-term partner, we'll help you to measure the return on your investment in utilizing our services.

H.R. Boutique is our division that specializes in providing H.R. services to small businesses of 30-200 employees such as start-ups, divisions and small business operations.  Our programs are designed to meet your specific needs, with flexible on-site schedules and on-call support throughout your hours of operation.  

Examples of services include employee relations, recruitment, compensation, benefits, employee handbooks, job descriptions, safety, performance reviews, and policies.

As exerts in H.R. our services can contribute directly to your bottom line through prevention, effectiveness, problem-solving, and efficiency.

Training For Impact is a division specializing in development, customization and delivery of training for people at all levels and across your organization's functions.  We serve small, mid-size and large organizations across industries.  

Some of our typical training programs include leadership and management, lean manufacturing, and building teamwork.

In addition to providing engaging and practical training programs, we partner with our clients to design training and support that enables participants to implement new knowledge and skills on the job.  

Rosanna Nadeau, Principal of Prism Perspectives Group LLC, is an expert in organizational performance improvement, H.R. for small businesses and training/development.  She is a published author in magazines and websites such as N.H. Business Review and HR C-Suite.  

Contact us for information by telephone at 603-878-1546, by email at Rosanna@PrismPerspectivesGroup.com or on the web at www.prismperspectivesgroup.com OR www.HRBoutique.net OR www.TrainingForImact.com .