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“On the average, for every dollar spent on patient education, $3-4 were saved.”  – Bartlett page 89

Today, you need the best value for every dollar you spend. And patient education affects all aspects of healthcare. It’s over half of a surgeon’s time with patient & family, one hour of a nurse’s shift and half of a diabetes educator’s day. Patient education is the connection between an organization, staff and customers that can be frustrating or empowering. It can be the difference between hospitalization and self-management. And sometimes, it can be a deciding factor in going back to a clinic or in leaving healthcare for a new profession.

P&H patient education materials help you:

•Increase retention & performance through improved efficiency & smarter workflow.
•Attract, support & retain the best staff available.
•Make significant improvements in customer outcomes & quality of life.
•Affect & engage diverse populations with diverse educational levels.
•Reduce risk by empowering customers to weigh risks & benefits to make informed decisions.
•Brand & promote your organization as a quality healthcare experience.
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Educational interventions – Improved performance – Ecstatic customers

P&H: Bringing People & Health together.

Pritchett & Hull is a network of medical experts, patient educators, writers and artists who are committed to creating exceptional patient education materials that reach patients, reinforce teaching, expand health-literacy and improve outcomes to reduce the cost-of-care and improve the quality of life. P&H brings People & Health together.

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