Travel Morocco with a PrivateTour

Morocco is land of contrast between the ancient and the modern!
I’ve led large cultural groups as well as special interest private tours. Nobody does it better. And we are but an email away!

As traveling Morocco, you realize that every place has an important value to our heritage with an amazing story to tell.  The best way to plan your trip to this exotic land is by knowing how you wish to travel.

With me you have the option to choose exceptional customized private tours of Morocco with your own expert tour guide.

I believe that you should have a guide who doesn’t limit to provide you with the general details of the places you visit, but that also enhances your personal experience as well as your own perspective of Morocco.

From luxurious tours to off road adventures, I build itineraries focused on your specific needs, interests and desires. That way you will have the flexibility to explore Morocco escorted by the top service you deserve. (Custom made personal guided tours of Morocco are my expertise).

Important features of my private guidance include:

Explore Morocco in a better and a deeper way, get to know the country on your own terms and focus on your own interests

Spend extra time at sites of your preference and skip places that do not catch your interest.

A latest model and air-conditioned private car that comfortably seats 9 people.

Traveling Morocco with me, in a private tour, will provide you
an experience of a lifetime.

All you have to do is let me know about your specific needs,
and I will be happy to help you in planning your custom made
itinerary, ensuring that you will enjoy Morocco as you have never did before!

If you are visiting for a short time and want to see some of the many attractions that Morocco offers, this is the place for you.

Experience first-class treatment with my VIP tour, especially designed for small groups such as families and business men, as well as to 1-day cruise passengers. I’ll specially design your tour to make it a rich and memorable experience.

If you need any advice or you just want to highlight any topics of your preference, feel free to Contact me, and I will be more than happy to assist you.

Also for Cruise Passengers:

Arriving to the coast of Tangier Agadir and Casablanca from the Mediterranean is one of the most beautiful sights a man can experience.

Weather you have one or two days here in Morocco, time is off the essence, and it is important to take advantage of every second.

Here in Morocco there is an endless number of beautiful interesting and fun sites to see. That is why I have put together specially costumed one and two days trips to maximize your short staying here, and make it memorable both for you and for me.

From past experience, I guide short trips only by a private tour, simply because it is the perfect way to manage our time together, so that Morocco will be the best stop on your cruise.

There are many tour agencies in Morocco. I, Meriam Dahan, specialize in people!



Unlike on a commercial tour, on my private tours the dynamics between me and my guests is unique and fun, which is why I love giving private tours, so I could get to know each and every one of my visitors.

My classic tour trys give you the taste of each part in the time you’re visiting Morocco!

For more I’m always available on the above e-mail. Happy travel, Meriam