My goal as a developer is to provide as much support and growth opportunity to the clients I work with. Our turn key funding solution allows for successful operators to grow their business without using any of their own money for construction / build outs or equipment. With some unique clients very much like your company that have a long standing history of profits and operational success we are willing to enter into an  Infinity Equity Funding agreement.

Our commitment to a select group of clients is we will agree to take an equity position in every single unit we build for you of between $50,000.00 - $500,000.00. The amount of equity that will be invested is agreed upon by both parties and is distributed within 7-14 days of receiving your certificate of occupancy.

We believe in the clients we partner with and one of the ways we do this is taking profits from the projects we work on and invest them directly into your business.

With your business model and your success this should allow you to focus on growing your business and growing at a significantly expedited rate.

American Development Partners is backed by a diversified group of private investors who have over 6.2 billion dollars of properties under ownership. Our multi-unit business funding solution is the advantage that business owners need to grow their business without utilizing their own capital.
American Development Partners can fund up to 100% of the total development and equipment cost for selected free-standing, single tenant retail development. American Development Partners typical project size is between $1 million to $25 million. American Development Partners business funding solution requires that our selected clients have a minimum of three open units prior to submitting documentation for funding. We do not purchase or develop real estate located within strip malls. Our focus is on developing single tenant, free-standing buildings that will allow our selected business partners to enter into a long-term, triple net lease.

Business Funding Solution
American Development Partners works will work with our clients to find potential development sites or for existing free-standing buildings. Our turnkey business funding solution is fast, simple, and structured. Once you have completed your application, we feel confident that you will be pleased with the support you receive throughout the entire approval process.

Tenant Benefits
Through our business funding solution program there is no need for the tenant to contribute equity, secure bank financing for construction or equipment needs because we provide 100% of the financing!
A.)       Possibly expand your business holdings at a rate that is much greater than if you use your own capital.
B.)       By utilizing American Development Partners your business success IS your credit.
C.)       By taking advantage of American Development Partners business funding solution you can now use your money to grow your business instead of using it towards lease hold improvements or equipment.

No Project Is Too Big
Whether you currently own and operate three units and want to grow to thirteen or you have thirteen and want to grow to thirty, American Development Partners can handle the transaction.
We understand how to successfully plan and execute a real estate project. With our comprehensive approach, we work with our private funding partners to underwrite and execute approved projects. As a turnkey build-to-suit developer we act as a single source for both building delivery and financing needs.

American Development Partners Sales Lease Back Program
Our acquisitions team purchases single-tenant, net-leased retail properties throughout the United States, primarily through sale-leaseback transactions.  We also partner with national and regional multi unit operators providing real estate expansion funding.

American Development Partners Advantage
Joint ventures, equity infusions, turn key business funding solution and equipment financing are just a few of the programs available to help select partners achieve their specific financial and business objectives. In order to determine if your business qualifies for American Development Partners business funding solution please answer the following questions and one of our American Development Partners associates will contact you.