The Private Placement Group LLC, is a network of individual accredited and institutional investors whose pooled experience of combined strength is leveraged to assist in funding our investment opportunities.

Registered network investors typically receive access to low risk, double digit annual returns in TODAY'S MARKET CONDITIONS.

Register at: www.PrivatePlacementsGroup.com

Learn how to build a portfolio of cash flowing Commercial Properties in today"s market using none of your own money. We will provide access to Step by Step syndication training by doing. This is the best information and mentoring support you will find in any market. I am partnered with industry giants who will share their experience and hope for "buying right" in today's market.

Visit: www.commercial-investor.com for more information.

Access Double Preferred returns superior to bond, traditional stock and fund investments. Register as an individual or institutional investor participating in qualified Global and Domestic Commercial Real Estate Joint Ventures. Private Placements Group (PPG) principals co-invest as quality Project Sponsors.

The quality and diverse deal flow of the Private Placements Group includes any segment with high growth opportunity. Our network seeks low to medium risk exposure in qualified direct acquisitions. We offer brick and mortar price, location, quality, growth and upside potential. Acquisitions will typically yield reasonable initial cash returns of no less than 15% annually, with the expectation of superior returns and significant profit upon resale. Transaction structure (equity ownership or debt financing) flexibility meets the need for cash flow and tax benefits.

Investing in sound alternative investment strategies through collaboration while offering unique skills and capacities: consulting in enlightened philanthropy, building high performance portfolios, sourcing new and undiscovered offerings and creating portfolio income. Exploring new ways to profit from the prevailing low return environment.