Ferry Tarifa - & Day trip to Tangier

Excursion to Morocco from Spain - How to Get to Morocco from Spain-Travel guides include Tangier site seeing and guide tour. We highly recommend to take a (private) guided tour in Tangier-Morocco. Tangier is a city which some like, some dislike but all find it Very [interesting] to have Seen. Within approx 45 min the Comfortable Catamaran ferry Tarifa will take you to Tangier. On board you are allowed to buy duty free articles but we recommend to do this on the return trip as otherwise you will be carrying the goods around all day.

Private Guide -Tour in Tangier. Guided tours and excursions in Morocco.


You will need a passport valid for at least 6 months. You shall have to fill in 2 custom-forms given out free of charge together with your tickets. We advise to fill in both forms while waiting to get onto the ferry. You will be asked to hand in the white form while having your passport stamped at the Police control on the ferry. Keep the yellow form until your return. Remember to bring a pen and your passport. No visa is required for E.U citizens, for a stay not exceeding 3 months. No vaccination is needed for travellers coming from Europe.







After you arrive in the port with the ferry Tarifa the tour of Tangier should start with a visit around the periphery and a visit of the new city and the medina (old town). After driving through the main boulevards and the "Place de France", you pass the fashionable residential districts of "Marché aux Boeufs" and "California"; thence along the new mountain road with its magnificent villas and lovely gardens.

The drive Continues to the famous lighthouse of CAPE SPARTEL - The Lighthouse on the Northern most point of Africa - where a brief halt is made to admire the magnificent view of the Straits of Gibraltar from the farthest westerly point of the African continent.

A stop for an included Camel Ride - if you are up for it! - and onto the CAVES of HERCULES where for Centuries the tribe that owns the caves has been scooping out millstones to grind wheat and olives.

Afterwards, you drive to the Kasbah for included lunch in an authentic Moroccan restaurant where you will be served superb Moroccan Cuisine and partake in the customary mint tea and pastries, all while being entertained by musicians.


The continuation of the tour will take you walking to visit the Kasbah with its Sultan's Palace, a magnificent example of Moorish architecture, the Old Treasury and the Museum which contains fine specimens of Moroccan art. Then follows an interesting stroll through the picturesque winding streets and souks of the Medina, to visit the MENDOUBIA GARDENS, the GRAND SOCCO, the PETIT SOCCO, the Jewish Quarter, and the Berber handicraft and spice markets…etc..

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