Tier3D is a company focused on building the product for crowdsourced Artificial Intelligence and Mixed Reality. The team consists of silicon valley professionals who have vast experience in delivering AI, NLP, computer vision software and hardware.
We believe that the time of massive Artificial Intelligence and Mixed Reality time has come and Tier3D plans to enable it. The next advancement in AI is artificial HUMAN intelligence (AHI) and that’s what the Tier3D platform aims to achieve. A human mind is not just constrained inside the human head but it has a representation of the whole universe and a human also uses the physical world to externalize intelligence, like writing on paper or carving rock art. For creating artificial HUMAN intelligence we need to create a model of the whole universe, which means we need to observe, record and model everything perceptible. That cannot be done in a lab but it needs crowd-sourcing of AHI. Furthermore, the next advancement in Mixed Reality is the ability to add visually realistic as well as behaviorally realistic content to the real world. For that, we need accurate models of everything in the world. Both problems are difficult but they are enablers of each other. Learning from the interactions of human with the Mixed Reality models can generate and train better AI, and better AI models used in Mixed Reality means that the experience is more engaging and useful.
We have re-imagined and redesigned gadgets to enable Artificial HUMAN Intelligence and we have created a completely novel set of applications and UI to enable the software part of it. This cannot be done in isolation, which means that one cannot create a self-learning AI cloud and hope that someone will create gadgets with sensors to enable AHI or just create gadgets in addition to what you already have and hope that someday, someone will create AI backend to use the data.