We educate ourselves about our clients’ goals and opportunities, and together, develop sound marketing strategies.  From this base, we create imaginative campaigns, dynamic programs, fun-filled events, and informative press and video releases that link our clients’ products, services, or projects with interesting and relevant editorial material.  We produce exciting stories the media can use; events they want to cover; and creative ads that guarantee exposure.  Our goal is to bring our clients, the media and the public together in a mutually beneficial way.  The ideology of this young, energetic agency are: intelligent service, creativity, and results.  We can produce tremendous results for any client.  And, we specialize in non-profit and minority marketing!

We have:

•     Over 20 years experience in media and public relations
•     Over 17 years journalistic experience both as a writer and an editor
•     Over 15 years experience in strategic market planning
•     Over 15 years as an event producer as a planner/manager
•     Over 12 years experience working with non-profit agencies
•     Over 10 years experience in the publishing industry
•     A wide array of national and international media, government and corporate contacts
•     A documented standard of maintaining and encouraging excellence
•     A documented history of commitment and dedication to our clients, the community and media
•     Outrageous creativity and great ideas
•     The ability to maintain the highest quality, while giving personal service to our clients

Our Services include:

Public, Media and Community Relations:  

We work hard to develop good relations with the community and the media at all levels.  Through the use of the written word, strong visuals that will interest the media, a solid press campaign, and one-on-one editorial focuses, coupled with intensive media planning, we guarantee professional exposure that will get results for your company or community project.

Special Events Planning:

We plan and produce exciting events including press and news conferences, book signings, new product introductions, in-store promotions, trade shows,  press parties, corporate functions, picnics, fashion shows, festivals, fairs, charity benefits, sporting events, banquets, fundraisers, seminars, events tied to meetings, concerts, incentives and contests and more!

Advertising, Marketing, Promotions:

We handle all aspects of producing exciting and successful radio and television commercials, print ads, public relations and media kits, newsletters, direct mail pieces, brochures, consumer information booklets, sales materials, in-store videos, infomercials, posters and flyers including theme direction, casting, styling, photography, press releases, media selection and placement, print design and production.

Marketing includes research and product development, surveys, demographic studies and segmentation, packaging, mail list development and direct mail services, and strategic market planning.

Writing and Editing:

Our team of professional writers produce more than just scintillating copy.  We write and edit pitch letters guaranteed to produce results for your sales force.  We also publish newsletters and corporate magazines that contain relevant information.  We produce proposals, grants, annual reports, book reviews and book covers


We have lots  more to offer!  We custom tailor each campaign and job to suit the special needs of the individual client.  We threw away the cookie cutter approach to business the day we opened our doors