After over three decades of career as a marketing, projects and corporate strategic management professional, with some of the big-ticket corporates, presently, I am  providing - my firm GreenTek Indika, consulting services in Green Building Design & LEED Certifications, for a living.

I am a strong votary of "Socio-Economic Development of each Society, with Eco-Responsibility and Inclusive Growth" as a Constitutional Policy of every Welfare State".

Needless to say in all my Stories, Novellas & Novels - interposed between the Drama, the Mystery, the Thrill, the Horror, the Love, the Sorrow, the Devotion, the Mirth, the Astonishment, the faith, the Disgust, the Anger, the Tragedy, the Vengeance, the Comedy and all – are my impulsive reflections and private views, without spite towards anyone or any group of individuals.

I write on India's current issues and the Indian Society that has been awaiting the advent of another "Mahatmaji" (Gandhiji), the father of Indian Nation and inspiration to many a statesmen, across the Globe.

These are based on my over five decades of my keen observation and incisive analysis.