Pro-Vado Show Stock Innovations is a company that provides cutting edge equipment to the show stock industry.  Our products end goal is to help both the professional and the junior showman achieve their goals of excellence in the show ring.  We look to provide cordless equipment to every aspect of the show stock industry.  The products we offer help simplify the process of fitting and the transporting of equipment to the show.  Our show boxes are the most compact, diversified, light weight, and easy to use show boxes on the market.  Our ability to custom make equipment to meet the needs of the industry set us apart from the cookie cutter products that are sold today.  Our ability to connect with up to date technology and manufacturing puts our products way ahead of toady's equipment.  Pro-Vado Show Stock Innovations simply "puts you at the front of the line".  We strive to meet the needs of those who can dream big.