Becoming the most recognized, most respected and most utilized professional in your town requires some very strategic networking, NOT marketing.

Most professionals will spend thousands of dollars on advertising, direct mail, tele-marketing, newspaper inserts, etc. Yet, the most powerful, cost-effective and efficient way to position yourself as the expert in your town is to secure mutually beneficial relationships with other professionals and leaders in your town.

Why? Because they already have the respect of their clients, patients, members, etc. These people are YOUR potential patients/clients. Knowing how to quickly "tap into" thousands of people in a short period of time can have a dramatic effect on your practice.

When another professional refers to you, what they say about you is 100 times more effective than anything you could ever say about yourself. Plus, when someone in your community talks to one of their trusted professionals… and they are referred to you, there is a 92% chance that they are going to work with you simply because of the referral source.

Dr. Len Schwartz is the only doctor in the world to have worked with so many world renowned speakers, writers, marketers, and trainers. They include: Jay Abraham, Chet Holmes, Tony Robbins (world famous coach, speaker, trainer), Christine Comaford, Michael Gerber (E-Myth), Fran Tarkenton (Hall of Fame Quarterback), Janet Switzer (Business growth expert), John Assaraf, Gary Ryan Blaire, Bill Bartmann, and many more.

Since 1999, Dr. Len has worked with over 3,500 doctors/professionals in 20 countries. Dr. Len is committed to helping professionals automate the growth of their practice by offering consistent marketing, networking, press and publicity. Dr. Len teaches professionals how to strategically market themselves, so they become the best known, most recognized, most respected and most utilized professional of their specialty in their town.