Our History
Our organization was founded by Cory Dzbinski, comptitive athlete and avid Air Hockey player that attended his first World Championship's in 2011.  We originally started out as SoCal Air Hockey in 2008 based out of San Diego, CA to promote Southern California Air Hockey at the USAA Air Hockey World Championships.  SoCal Air Hockey continues to use the name in the western region, however, wanting to appeal to a global audience, "proairhockey.com" and "professionalairhockey.com" were created to facilitate that purpose.  Additionally, our non-profit organization "playairhockey.org" was created to accomplish fund raising and philanthropic purposes.

Why we're working hard to promote air hockey
It's incredible how many homes in the united states have air hockey tables, yet almost no one knows it's played on a higher level than you'll probably ever see at anyone's home or at an arcade or amusement park.  Just check Craig's List or Ebay on any given day and you'll find hundred's if not thousand's of air hockey tables for sale.  Everyone knows it exists, yet, a competitive understanding of the game eludes most table owners.  There are some reasons for this that are explained below.  

Air Hockey Barriers
1. Air hockey is a very new sport, relatively speaking. Air Hockey became commercially available around 1972. A similar table sport, Billiards, has been popular as far back as the 1500's.
2. Lack of marketing & promotion = lack of awareness.  
3. The expense of a professional table.  
4. The misconception that "you can't do much" or "there aren't many moves" on an Air Hockey table.
5. Table sports are typically looked at as being skill games that provide some element of relaxation.  Air Hockey, being the world's fastest reaction sport, requires great skill, but is also very physically & emotionally demanding to maintain play at a constant high level.  This is more effort than most people are willing to exhert while playing a table sport.

Proairhockey.com; breaking down barriers
1. As a new sport, Air Hockey continues to grow, who knows where it'll be in the 2100's & beyond?
2. We're ferociously promoting air hockey from a few different angles.  
3. Not everyone can afford a quality table, just like not everyone can afford a quality billiards table, yet many compete and/or play billiards competitively.  Why?  Tables are everywhere.  We're promoting the addition of tables at bars and restaurants and providing you with a way to find tables in your area.  
4. This site has all of the information you'll need to see Air Hockey from a different angle. You'll quickly see, there is more to Air Hockey than you have ever realized!
5. Air Hockey at a competitive level takes some serious energy, concentration, reaction, awareness and mental toughness to stay in the game.  If you're a serious competitior, have above average motor skills, reaction speeds and excel at table sports, you'll definitely want to give competitive Air Hockey a try!