Production Attic, video production in Glasgow, the UK and worldwide

We are a Glasgow based video production company. We produce corporate videos in Scotland and internationally along side award winning creative content. We take pride in our flexibility, attention to detail, and collaborative approach. Whether you're looking for a corporate promo, music video, or film crew in Scotland, get in touch today.

For our showreel and other video examples please see our website productionattic.com

What sets Production Attic apart?

We love what we do. It's not just a job for us; we take pride in our work. Whether we're filming a car chase for an action adventure, or a car factory for a corporate promo, we'll find an interesting way to bring it to the screen.

What sort of films do Production Attic offer?

We are experienced in producing a wide range of products including, corporate promo, events, factual, music, viral marketing and wedding films. We have also produced award winning creative content. Able to adapt to almost any type of videography work, Production Attic's helpful staff are available to talk to you about how you can achieve your goals. Feel free to email, call or make an appointment to visit our city centre workspace and talk to us in person.

Are Production Attic's customers satisfied?

We have achieved an excellent level of customer satisfaction and retention. View our customer testimonials below to learn more.

How much will a video cost?

We operate an extremely competitive pricing policy and can tailor our quotes to match your budget and needs. Please get in touch to learn more.

I require specialised equipment for my project, can Production Attic help?

Yes - we have excellent links with various hire companies and can offer specialised camera, lighting, staging and props services to our customers.

Do I need to provide my own script for the video or can you help?

We can help you realise your own script or you can commission us to write one ourselves - whichever option you choose you will find that we are dedicated to helping you comunicate your vision and will bring all of our corporate and creative experience to the the task.

Why is HD important?

High definition video is quickly becoming the standard on all platforms - we encourage our clients to take the advantage of its clarity and cinematic quality in order to give their projects the most professional look possible. Your audience will expect your film to look as good as anything they'd see on television or at the cinema - we aim to provide that.

Can you add graphics that will tie in with the branding I already have?

Yes, we can match your branding in our films.

How far will you travel?

We have traveled throughout Britain and Europe for our clients. Wherever you want us to film - we can get there.

Where can I put a video?

We can accomodate for almost any format and have already produced films for broadcast, web, mobile devices, DVDs and even eBooks.

Nice things people have said about our work.

With a well rounded team of perfectionists, our productions are kept to the highest standard. We think it pays off to take time over each and every aspect of a video before releasing it. Thankfully, so do our clients.

Graham Hunter - Author, Barça: The Making of the Greatest Team in the World
“I owe everything to Production Attic!”

Murdo Mitchell, Singer – Advertise Here
"I am very pleased with Production Attic's work because, check the video, it's awesome."

James Osborn – Carat Sponsorship
“Thought you guys did a great job with the shoot capturing all the content we were after and then going even further to get some exciting and interesting content on day two. You delivered on the brief we sent you and made sure you got a variety of shots to produce an exciting and interesting edit.”

Obie – Comedian
“Production Attic produced a professional DVD for me, the service was brilliant and all enquiries were answered quickly. I'd highly recommend.”