POW! To The Rescue

For any small or medium sized business, getting quality photographs of your products can be difficult and expensive.  Your options are limited to a costly professional photographer, playing the craigslist game or photographing it yourself.  All of which can consume your valuable time, can be expensive and can result in poor images of your product.  As professional photographers, Products on White saw the struggle and we decided to POW! in to action.  

The Right Price!

We've devised a system that allows us to keep our pricing affordable and the image quality professional.  So if you're building a business we know budget planning is key.  That's why we've decided to make our pricing affordable with a flat rate that is simple to work with.

The Right Image!

The POW! photographers have over 10 years of experience photographing products in a high-end commercial advertising setting for some of the largest companies in the US.  We know how to photograph products and know how to do it well!

The Right Branding!

We wanted to give you the choice to have your products have the look that fits your style of business, that's why we've come up with 4 different backgrounds each with their own style to fit your brand and set your pictures apart from your competitors.  Lets face it, nothing sells a product like a good looking picture.

At POW! we address the problems that small business owners have getting quality imagery at an affordable rates.  For only $39.99 per product, you can place your order in our easy to use ordering system, ship POW the product and in a matter of days you will have professional quality photography ready for a website or print campaign. It's that simple.