Our College Dream Builder system is a proven and reliable system of helping students prepare for and gain admissions to college.  The comprehensive program helps students pursue their life dreams, while removing the complexity, frustration, and challenges that parents face when sending their students to college.  

Daniel Wansten, founder of Professional Education Services (PES) and the College Dream Builder is a member of the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (NASFAA) and the National Association of College Admissions Counselors (NACAC).  He has been featured in numerous newspapers, magazines, and television news broadcasts across the country.

The College Dream Builder programs include ACT and SAT test preparation, specialized tutoring, personalized student life coaching, admissions assistance, analysis and cash flow strategies, financial aid assistance, and personal service for parents who would like someone to help them navigate the confusing system.

You know that attending college is important.  You'd love for your child to go, but you don't know exactly how to meet all the requirements and deadlines.  You don't want to waste money, and you have so little free time available.  How are you going to squeeze college tuition out of your already tight budget.  Your friends seem to be able to send their kids to good schools without stressing their finances, but how do they do it?

How can you navigate the mysterious college admission process when you barely have time to mow the lawn or read today's paper?  It is hard to do everything yourself, and you've been aware that mistakes might be costly or affect your student's chances at admission.  Often times you're left guessing what to do next.  You want the best future for your children, but how can you find the time to learn all the details of this new bureaucracy when you're also concerned about getting by today.

Your kids deserve the best.  All parents want to be proud of their young adults as they navigate life's minefields.  You hope you've provided them  with the best tools to make good decisions.  You hope they will thank you later in life for providing appropriate guidance and support, but how do you find the extra help they might need to "smooth out" any rough edges or help them finesse skill or knowledge deficits you've not had time to deal with?

You've heard the nightmarish stories of other parents sending their kids to college, causing family tension and financial stress.  The College Dream Builder relieves all the stress, frustation, and complexity of the college admissions process, leaving you time to enjoy time with your family and loved ones.  Enjoy your students college preparation journey and leave it up to the College Dream Builder to do all the heavy lifting for you.